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  • author ( 56, man | Marlinton, WV, USA )

    wouldn't mind sitting around drinking beer, getting to know each other. Then start fooling around with each other, then ending up having him take me to the bedroom. Then letting him do anything sexual that he want to do...  see more >>

  • author ( 69, man | Moorhead, MN, USA )

    I would prefer to make a mutual decision about a date that is non-typical. Even getting together for coffee and conversation would by better than the standard fare.

  • author ( 70, man | Mc Henry, MD, USA )

    A nice dinner out or at home, cocktails at home and a long, passionate night of making love. Hey, I'm being honest!!!

  • author ( 56, man | Highland Falls, NY, USA )

    This catagory limits me to ! activities / type of date, but I have many ideas: Dinner of coursel Brunch or Lunch would also be nice; Movie & theatre or a night of live music (if it isn't too too loud & I can't talk to yo...  see more >>

  • author ( 66, woman | Greensboro, NC, USA )

    Depends on the individual, the time of year, and city/town. Generally, my first date idea is to start with a beverage or light meal followed by sightseeing, visiting a museum, attending a sporting event, or any activity...  see more >>

  • author ( 50, woman | Winona, MN, USA )

    Conversation about corrupt leaders similar to Hitler, global issues, injustices, legalized discrimination and exploitation, a distorted and unequal healthcare policy, and any other like minded passions we may agree upon...  see more >>

  • author ( 77, woman | Alexandria, VA, USA )

    I want to do something interesting and fun that my date is into. Having coffee or a meal across from someone I do not know does not seem like the best way to get to know someone and unlikely to be much fun.

  • author ( 75, man | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    This Forum is of tremendous value to men who have not dated in quite awhile. (esp. widowed) Albeit there is an identity crisis when there is a loss (of a mate) and now you're out there searching or understanding for the...  see more >>

  • author ( 72, man | Barrington, IL, USA )

    A first face-to-face meeting could be as simple as just drinks, coffee, lunch or dinner at someplace quiet so we could talk. This could be coupled with a movie, theatre, museum, or other cultural event, or just explore a...  see more >>

  • author ( 79, woman | Belleville, ON, CAN )

    I will be happy with email/chat as a prelude to friendship. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM A STANDARD MEMBER ONLY AT THIS TIME AND MESSAGES CAN BE USED TEMPORARILY.

  • author ( 62, woman | Barrington, RI, USA )

    I think the ideal first date is something that will become clear after we get to know each other. A relaxed, public area where we can chat and see how it goes.

  • author ( 69, woman | Waco, TX, USA )

    Gee whiz. If we do all the following "stuff", we won't have a thing to talk about. Just ask, for crying out loud. I'll talk. You won't even have to use a strong, bright light!!!

  • author ( 51, woman | Hendersonville, TN, USA )

    I like dining out, dining in (I'm a amatuer home chef) boating, antiquing, casino trips. Bingeing on Netflix. Outdoor venues. Sightseeing. Daytripping, I'm flexible. If your in good company it's not a date it's time well...  see more >>

  • author ( 74, man | Jewett City, CT, USA )

    A nice quiet dinner at a good restaurant. Live music concerts (classical, folk, pop, rock, etc), but not opera or hip hop. Day trip adventures. Occasional weekend trips if both of us are into it. Photography trips. It's...  see more >>

  • author ( 78, woman | Kent, WA, USA )

    I didn't grow up in the PNW so there's lots I haven't seen, not to repeat the coffee or drink ideas, there are a million things to do that don't cost anything but time and gas. Small towns to walk through and window shop...  see more >>